Amourgeddon Tank Turret

Amourgeddon is a military vehicle experience operation.  They add to their collection various vehicles from time to time and inevitably these new acquisitions require some degree of restoration. They came to PT Engineers by recommendation from one of our other customers with a requirement to machine a tank turret for a WWII Sherman tank which they had acquired recently.

The restoration had a target date for completion in time to exhibit at the Cosby air show in 2019.

Tank Turret process

The raw casting was free issued to us along with a similar very old and rusty tank turret from which we had to reverse engineer the requirements to machine various facings.  The slewing ring was also free issued so that we could again reverse engineer the conical location on the turret to the ring making sure that the positioning was such that the driving gear would be in the correct axial location.

Some pre-milling was carried out on the largest of our CNC milling machines; the Butler Elgar mill.  This gave us a machined flat face to locate it on the Schiess CNC vertical boring mill.  The supplied slewing ring had a cone angle that presented other challenges and relying our many years of precision engineering experience we went through the progressive process of making made several pre-cuts and then trialing with the slewing ring until we were happy with the cone angle produced.

Thereafter, all the remaining facings were then finish milled again on the Butler Elgar mill.

The challenges

One additional challenge was presented However we found that when trial fitting the supplied gun interface plate.  It was at that point where we discovered  this item was not flat, and to rectify this problem our we once again used our years of experience to. This created the need to set and jig this up and correct the inherent out of flatness.  The process of setting up and jigging the component came as second nature to us due to our many years of experience of CNC machining large castings for prominent world-wide manufacturers within the steam and gas turbine industry.

Another happy customer

Work was completed on the tank turret to the entire satisfaction of the customer and they managed to complete their restoration in time to show the vehicle at the Cosby air show as planned.

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