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PT Engineers is an independent precision CNC machining facility supplying many leading national and international blue chip OEMs and service industries.

Known for taking on challenging work including gas and steam turbine machining, heat treatments, pressure testing and specialist coatings, no task is too big or too small.

GE Energy: Marine and Offshore

Ships Dynamic Positioning System. Enables vessels to position locations accurately on the sea bed and is used by cable layers, drill rigs etc

A review of existing design was required to incorporate the latest ideas. Previous design was over 10 years old.


The Challenge
To produce a single unit design to minimise the number of suppliers, reduce installation and commissioning time and reduce cost significantly.

The Solution
The complete mechanical design undertaken by PTE which now enables the unit to be fully assembled by PTE and tested before despatch. PTE provides a ‘one stop shop’ for this product.

The Outcome
This new design has been well received in the industry with increased orders due to lower costs and a more attractive and reliable installation. The Future The design can be improved to provide automatic deployment and operation together with further cost reductions.