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11th October 2018 – 19th December 2018


Turbine Parts Manufacture – Support Collar

What Scientific Or Technical Knowledge Or Capability Existed At The Start Of Your Project That You Planned To Improve?

We quoted and won an order to manufacture a turbine part (A Support Collar) for a steam and gas turbines company. The quote was done using our customers’ drawing. However, the drawing specified that part of this component should be lined with a white metal bearing material. This component was drawn and manufactured back in the mid 1970’s.

It became evident during the estimating process and prior to quoting, that we could not get a supplier to offer the white metal application.

Our quote, therefore offered an alternative solution. We suggested substituting the white metal bearing material with a mechanically attached anti-friction ‘DU’ strip material.  The customer accepted that there would need to be some development required by PT Engineers staff in the forming and fitting of such an alternative.


What Is The Advance In Knowledge Or Capability?

The proposed variant was accepted by the customer which enabled the component to maintain its function in service. In addition, offer an acceptable alternative for any future requirements of this component.


What Scientific Or Technological Uncertainties Did You Face?

Firstly, we had to come up with a suitable alternative to the white metal lining. Since this material had to fit the component on surfaces in two planes we had to establish how the strip could be formed. From one plane to the other, with a smooth interface between the two planes. There also had to be a means of fastening the strip to the component.

How Did Your Project Overcome These Uncertainties?

We were aware of the material known as ‘DU’ strip as we had utilised it as an aid to manufacture other components. Additionally, we knew of this material being used on a component we manufacture for another customer. This specifically aided the need for a sliding motion. Therefore, this seemed to be a sensible alternative to offer to the customer.

The strip design was drawn by PT Engineers staff and the material was rolled into a ‘U’ shaped form. Furthermore, the strip had slots pre-milled at given intervals to create ‘petals’ where these would meet the second plane.

This form was offered to the component and fastened using countersink headed screws.  The ‘petals’ were then manipulated around the component radius. As well as, onto the second plane and again fastened using similar countersink headed screw.

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