Reman Europe Ltd – A provider of Turbine Fuel & Actuator Technology.

Reman Europe Ltd – A provider of Turbine Fuel & Actuator Technology.

17th April 2018 – 12th June 2018

What scientific or technical knowledge or capability existed at the start of your project that you planned to improve?

Reman Europe, our customer saw a need to provide it’s clients with a faster turn around of replacement components for a particular fuel control valve.  This valve is manufactured by an American owned OEM.

The opportunity arose since the OEM had taken a stance that replacement components would only be offered to the industry on very long lead times and probably at inflated prices.  Thereby encouraging users to purchase complete new fuel control valve units.

Our customer acquired a set of components and needed to find a suitable partner to reverse engineer these components and then go on to manufacture them.

What is the advance in knowledge or capability?

By reverse engineering each of these manufactured components and then manufacturing a considered quantity of each item Reman would then be able to offer it’s clients from stock initially and/or on sensible lead times.

What scientific or technological uncertainties did you face?

Every feature of each component had to be measured and recorded so that manufacturing drawings could be produced.  Some features were not possible to be measured by conventional equipment.

Tolerances on each of the features had to be considered and determined according to their function/importance in duty within the finished assembled valve.

Material selection had to be made and also where items had special coatings on some of the features the appropriate selection had to be established.

How did your project overcome these uncertainties?

Many of the features were measured using conventional equipment, logged and recorded.

Where special profiles had to be measured we used a company specialising in measurement using a CMM.  Data was recorded in tabular form in two axis so that points of reference could be used when programming a CNC machine for manufacture.

Tolerances were discussed and agreed between Reman and PT Engineers technical staff.

Some materials were known by the customer.  Others had to be analysed by a specialist test house.

Coatings were analysed by a coatings specialist’s laboratory.

Also hardness readings were taken so that any required heat treatment/hardening requirements could be established.

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