Plant list

Our comprehensive, current plant and machinery is shown here. PT Engineers Limited has the ability to provide an efficient and skilled service to companies large and small using the very latest technology.

Our highly skilled staff pride themselves on providing a fast, high quality machining service and reliable delivery times to fit with your deadlines.

Our plant

CNC Turning Centres

Hitachi Super Hi-cell

Max turning dia 480mm x 635mm between centres, 250mm dia chuck x 70mm bar dia. Driven Tooling and full ‘C’ axis and ‘Y’ axis.

Doosan Z290 SMY

Twin spindle dia 290mm x 580mm between centres. Fitted with bar feeder.

CNC Lathes

VDF Boehringer

560mm dia x 1000mm between centres, 300mm swing over cross slide.

Dean Smith & Grace

1100mm dia x 2300mm between centres, 800mm swing over cross slide. 165mm bore spindle.

Binns & Berry

850mm dia x 5000mm between centres With cylindrical grinding attachment

CNC Vertical Boring Mill

Webster Bennet ‘T’ Series

62” swing x 48” under rail

Pietro Carnaghi ATF-8 twin table

1000mm dia x 750mm Live tooling ‘C’ Axis 0.001 degrees ATC – 22 station

Scheiss CNC VTL

1900mm dia x 1100mm

CNC Machining Centres

Kitamura HX400i

660 x 610 x 560, 50 tool changer. Horizontal Twin Pallet Equipped with 5 axis, probing, tool breakage Etc.


5 axis machining centre. 800 x 700 x 600 capacity With table speeds up to 500 rpm giving this facility full capability to turn

Starrag ZT800

5 axis machining centre
Twin pallet 1100 x 800
X travel – 1600
Y travel – 1300
Z travel – 1250

CNC Milling

Butler Elgarmill

Travelling column bedmill 4200 x 2500 x 1000 capacity

Anayak VH2200

Fully universal bed mill 2000mm x 800mm x 900mm. 50 international spindle. Max table weight 5 tonnes

XYZ Turret Mill

Complete with Millpower 2 Axis CNC control. Table size 1295mm x 305 Movement 406 x 762 x 406

Manual Machines

Berthiez Vertical Boring Mill

3800mm dia x 2000mm capacity with table bedway for adjustment of diameter range.

Boko WFI

Universal milling and boring machine with extended column 800mm x 600mm x 800mm integral rotary table. Max dia for circular milling 1800mm.

Colchester 1800 Centre Lathe

6.5” x 40” between centres (with Accurite 111 readout)


125mm chuck, 26mm collet. Rapid threading facility. Precision turning for small components.

Wire Erosion

<h5>Fanuc Model T3</h5>
<p>Cutting area 600mm x 1000mm x 300mm</p>


<h5>Elliott 921 </h5>
<p>20″ x 8″ hydraulic surface grinder</p>
<h5>Jones &amp; Shipman Cylindrical grinder</h5>
<p>10” dia x 27” long</p>


Full CAD/CAM Facilities

Using ‘Mastercam’ Version 10. Able to support lges, dxf, sats, step files etc.

Production Systems

Full CAD/CAM Facilities

Using ‘Mastercam’ Version 10. Able to support lges, dxf, sats, step files etc.

Production Systems

Prodman 4 windows

Production management system

Seiki systems

Production scheduling system

Quality Control


A comprehensive range of measuring equipment including-

  • Faro arm – Portable CMM technology measuring arm
  • Hilga measuring projector
  • Calibrated granite surface table x 2
  • Subronic 3P Surface Texture measuring unit
  • Diatest & Bore-matic gauges

All contained within a calibration system to meet the requirements
of – ISO 9001: 2015

We would welcome potential customers to audit our quality system as a prerequisite to any trading relationship.