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At PT Engineers, we aim to assist you with any queries you may have. Here are our most common FAQs. However, if you don’t find what you are looking for please GET IN TOUCH today and our team will be happy to help.

Do you do offer one off precision engineering services?

Yes, we are specialised in doing one off work which a lot of companies would find hard to do on their own machines. However, we have a range of large machines. In addition, our team has specialist precision engineering skills. So, machining difficult items like shafts, castings, rings, and a multitude of other components is something we have vast experience with.

Do you offer batch work precision engineering services?

We offer our CNC machining and precision engineering services for multi-components and smaller batch runs. We have a comprehensive range of machines, plus have access to our sister companies facilities, so yes we can provide all needs.

What is typical time to receive a quote?

We try to turn around quotes within a couple of days. As a lot of our work requires added operations, or to aid with reducing further movement this may take a little longer. We often get parts heat treated or carry out other operations on top of machining. Therefore, extra time may be needed so we can coordinate with others to provide a one stop solution.

What materials can you CNC machine?

Our experience with a wide range of materials has always been impressive. From cast aluminium to Inconel, and stainless-steel bar to brass, we have the knowledge and experience that will satisfy even the most demanding material characteristics.

Do you have a quality system in place?

Yes, we are ISO 9001 registered and have a full range of test equipment.

Is your work force qualified?

PT Engineers are proud of the multi-skilled workforce we have both on the shop floor and within the office.

Can you handle heavy machined items?

We have cranage and forklift trucks operating within the factory so even the most difficult shaped or weighty items can be handled. Our cranes have a maximum limit of 16 Tons.

Can you machine sand castings and check for inclusions?

We have machined many items cast from a full range of materials. When needed we can use outside agencies to dye pen, crack detection, and x-ray any component.

Are you able to provide a complete service?

With our sister companies we can machine small items to large, one offs to batches of 1000’s of parts. PTE specialise in complex and difficult work while our sister companies are more orientated towards single small to massive batch work.

Can you take on work from international companies countries?

We often we have parts in the factory which will find their way to other countries. Additionally, we are very familiar with the requirements needed to facilitate these contracts. So, you can be rest assured your work is in the right place.

How long will it take to receive the parts after the services are completed?

This is all about the complexity of the work. When we quote, we will give this information.

To aid us with getting the best delivery, price and technical details back can you please always provide material specs, drawings, numbers needed, target delivery and any other relevant details. This greatly helps and often means we do not need to ask any other questions prior to quoting.