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Precision Machining Services | PT Engineers UK

At PT Engineers, we offer industry-leading precision machining services in the UK. Our services extend to CNC Machining and Precision Engineering, providing both national and international clients with high-quality, precision-engineered components. Our rich experience spanning over three decades makes us a reliable partner for your business projects.

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Our Precision Machining Expertise

Our expertise extends across multiple industries, with a special focus on delivering robust solutions for the Oil and Gas sector. Our capabilities include manufacturing a wide range of components such as:

  • Guide bushings, heads, cushion plungers, pistons, caps.
  • FRAC pump components.
  • Components for pumps and systems, like sleeve bearings, shaft sleeves, packing glands, wing nuts, gear blanks, and valve stops.
We house an array of cutting-edge machinery including CNC Lathes, Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, and Vertical Boring. Traditional manual machine tools also form part of our arsenal, ensuring we achieve the apex of precision for every component we produce. Experience our high-quality manufacturing process firsthand.

Why PT Engineers is Your Go-To for Precision Machining Services?

At PT Engineers, we’re committed to putting our customers first. We strive to deliver products that align perfectly with your specifications, offering unmatched customer service throughout the process. With our team of seasoned precision machinists, we go above and beyond to deliver solutions that guarantee the best return on investment. Ready to begin your project?

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