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There are hundreds of precision engineering companies in the country, so when you are looking for services such as CNC machining, it’s likely that you are going to be faced with many options to choose from. But how do you decide what is quality precision engineering and what isn’t? One thing to bear in mind is that expensive doesn’t always mean quality, but cheap isn’t necessarily the answer either.

So how do you determine the right balance and still ensure you are investing in quality precision engineering?

Precision Engineering Cost Cutting

Cost versus quality is a talking point across all sorts of sectors. This can be from fashion to food because naturally, we want to achieve the best value for money. In the world of precision engineering, the cost versus quality is just as important. Many engineering failures can be down to human error, but faulty parts can also be to blame. Precision may not be as critical in some sectors. However, for industries such as the oil and gas, aerospace, and medical industries, a consistent level of precision can be pivotal.

As any business will explain, good profit margins equal success, but are certain methods of increasing profits worth it? There are some engineering companies that off-shore their work. This is because employees from emerging economies will work for less than what UK workers will be paid. This means components can be made at a lower cost. Not only this but still sold at UK rates or lower to attract customers and undercut competitors.

However, whilst this looks like a cost-effective method of precision machining, actually, there can be a few problems with this approach:

  • Overseas wages are gradually increasing. So off-shoring may not necessarily guarantee a cheaper outcome. This means components made out of house may still be sold at standard UK prices.
  • Off-shore services can increase carbon footprints and transit costs can end up being costly.
  • Quality controls may not be guaranteed with services being fulfilled overseas, so components may lack certain legislation, certification, reviews, and quality assurance.

Legitimate precision engineering companies will usually have excellent management and manufacturing processes in place in order to measure risk and uncertainty. Risk is measurable and can be prevented through taking certain measures – such as keeping manufacturing and engineering processes in house. Working with a quality precision engineering company that completes its services in house will provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that your project will be successful and safe for use.

The Cost Of Good Quality

When looking at good quality precision engineering, you should be taking into consideration the long-term benefits of paying more. With a reputable precision engineering company such as PT Engineers, you’ll always be investing in quality and certified machining services that guarantee your parts safety and reliability every time. It’s important to look around and compare prices of services across the market. However, it is just as important to not cut corners when it comes to precision machined parts.

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