Summary. This blog explores the evolution from traditional machining to CNC lathe machining’s efficiency. Detailing its advantages, from reduced labour costs to exceptional precision, it showcases CNC lathe’s diverse applications in today’s manufacturing landscape.


CNC machining has fast become one of the world’s most popular manufacturing techniques and services. The term encompasses a wide range of CNC machining processes. CNC machining has replaced many traditional machining processes due to the fact that it can machine much quicker and more accurately than past methods. One of the most significant replacements for an old method of machining is CNC lathe machining.

Traditional CNC machining took place through man-operated lathe machines to manufacture parts. However, replacing the traditional method with a CNC lathe machine has increased the popularity of the manufacturing process, and it produces thousands of components each year.

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What Is CNC Lathe?

CNC lathe is a mechanical setup that integrates CNC (computerised numerical control) in order to achieve the highest levels of automated precision machining. A CNC lathe machine can come in two different forms: a flat-bed and a slant-bed. These machines have a range of different components and mechanisms that become automated using CNC programming. Manufacturers use the manufacturing method for both metal and non-metal machining, typically choosing it for heavy-duty CNC machining.


Since revolutionising the traditional method of lathe machining, CNC lathe machines are considered highly beneficial. Some benefits include:

  • The automated setup means no operator is needing whilst the turning machining, drilling or cutting is taking place – resulting in low labour costs and therefore lower service costs for the customer
  • The automation also means that production time is significantly reduced. Tool change times and tool post adjustments are much quicker than the previous manual process, leading to a much faster turnaround time
  • Human errors are eliminated, reducing material wastage, and allowing for pre-calculated material usage.
  • The fully automated system cuts production time, especially during tool changes, spindle to tool post adjustments, leading to quicker production turnaround.
  • Finally it can offer some of the highest levels of accuracy and precision that you can find in manufacturing processes. These levels of accuracy can be used to manufacture intricate parts that have great precision and dimensional stability.

CNC Lathe Applications

What a CNC lathe machining can be used for machining cylindrical or spherical components, however the machines can also perform the following operations:

  • CNC Turning Machining
  • CNC Drilling
  • Feature Formation
  • Surface Finishing

A CNC lathe machine can manufacture using the processes above include gaskets, shafts, rods, disks, and gears.

CNC Machining Services

If you are looking for more information about CNC lathe machining or any other CNC machining services, then contact PT Engineers today. Other than lathe machining, our other services includes:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Cutting
  • Drilling

With a wealth of experience and expertise, we can support you with many different manufacturing requirements. We can guarantee you quality, accuracy, and consistency every time.

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