PT Engineers is a CNC machining and precision engineering company in the West Midlands. With decades of experience in the sector, our team has unrivalled expertise when it comes to manufacturing complete solutions. Our CNC machining facility has a wealth of capabilities. As a result we are able to provide support to many leading national and international blue chip OEMs and service industries.

Quality Precision Engineering Company

PT Engineers is a highly advanced precision engineering company. Over time and through the companies and industries we work with, we have earned ourselves a reputation for high-value, quality and affordable CNC machined components.

Our experience and passion allows us to continue exceeding the expectations and limitations of the industry and our clients. Where CNC machining disadvantages and hurdles have occurred, our technology and knowledge has allowed us to successfully complete projects and provide unbeatable solutions for our clients. We proudly demonstrate a proactive attitude towards processes and problem solving, read on to find out more.

CNC Machining Military Vehicle Parts

Here at PT Engineers, our extensive capabilities means that we have supported many different military vehicle projects. Military vehicle parts require the highest levels of precision so with this in mind, CNC machining is often relied on to support certain projects. Some common military vehicle parts that are CNC machined include Eccentric Shafts and Pistons.

Our CNC machining capabilities are also used on vehicle restoration projects. One past project we are particularly proud of working on is the Armourgeddon military vehicle operation experience. The company had a growing collection of military vehicles, some of which needed maintenance and forms of restoration. They approached PT Engineers as they needed a new tank turret to be machined for their WWII Sherman tank which was newly acquired at the time. In addition, the company had plans to exhibit the vehicle at Cosby Air Show, later that year. So, there were strict deadlines in place. So how did we tackle the project?

How PT Engineers Machined A Tank Turret

What is a tank turret? A tank turret is a dome-like structure on a tank which connects the gun to the hull. The turret is heavily armoured and allows the main gun to swivel and elevate. Most tanks have turrets which support one or more guns. Usually the turret will support a heavy cannon and a couple of machine guns.

PT Engineers have experience in the military sector, CNC machining parts, usually utilising our reverse engineering. During the Armourgeddon project, we repaired that tank turret which was very old and worn. In addition, we repaired the bushes on the camshaft for the rotary engine.

Using our reverse engineering process, we were able to machine various facings of this.

A slewing ring (the bearing which needed to support the upper structure and facilitate its rotation) was also provided which we could reverse engineer. By doing so, we were able to establish the conical location on the turret to the ring and therefore ensure the positioning was correctly placed so that the driving gear would be in the correct axial location.

Committed To Achieving Perfection

Over the years, during our CNC machining processes we have overcome many challenges using our experience and expertise. For example, in the tank turret project the slewing ring provided to us had a cone angle which meant we had to make several adjustments and pre-cuts to ensure we too produced a cone angle that would work well for the project. Trialling different versions of CNC machined military parts is something that we are not afraid to do as a team and in fact we encourage testing to ensure we can deliver the best results possible as we gather learnings.

Another challenge we encountered during the tank project was that during a trial fitting of the gun interface plate, we discovered the component was not flat. To overcome this issue, we knew we would need to set and jig the component up to – this was second-nature to us due to our many years of experience CNC machining large casting for the wind turbine sector.

We were delighted to complete the work for the tank turret well on time and to the customer’s satisfaction. To this day PT Engineers take pride in supporting the military and defence sector with our advanced precision engineering capabilities.

Problem Solving Precision Engineers

At PT Engineers, our company is always committed to solving any problems that occur within the CNC machining processes. Despite this type of manufacturing being highly advantageous, CNC machining does sometimes have its disadvantages. However, with our expertise we are confident in our ability to overcome any issues. To find out more about our precision engineering services, explore our website today.

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