When it comes to CNC machining services in the UK, it’s safe to say that you can put your trust in our hands. Here at PT Engineers, we are proud to be leading experts in CNC precision engineering, offering services to a wide range of national and international industries. We are committed to each and every project we take on board. We certainly aren’t afraid of a challenge either. From gas and steam turbine machining through to specialist coatings, we are proud to work with projects of all sizes.

When looking for CNC machining services, it’s important that you work with a company that has certain aspects. These could be that they’re experienced, skilled, and completely trustworthy. The challenge of finding a reliable CNC machining company might seem daunting. but it’s important you invest the time into researching them. Complex parts especially will require the highest quality of service. This is so your CNC provider must be able to provide this, or you could easily suffer down the line. The size of your project alongside the resources and capabilities of the CNC company will massively determine the quality of parts that you receive.

We’ve put together some key aspects you should consider when looking for CNC machining services.

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Quality-To-Cost Ratio

It can be tempting to go for the cheapest CNC machining service you find. When choosing the cheap option it can often mean shortcuts will be taken when producing your parts. As a result, this can severely impact the quality of the components too. A CNC machining company that focuses on quality will focus on:

  • High-end precision machinery which is capable of producing complex components
  • Cutting edge computerised technology and software to achieve the optimal performance from the machines
  • High standard quality assurance and inspection process

Having these types of focuses will make a CNC machining company a bit pricier. Though the results of opting for such a company will usually ensure that your finished parts will work and perform well. They will also be produced completely in accordance with your design and requirements.

Accuracy And Quality

Most CNC companies will claim high-quality services and parts but not all of these will actually deliver on their promises. Making sure companies have ISO certification, you can usually be sure that the company has a high level of quality and service.

Offers Different Capabilities

Working with multiple suppliers in order to get parts completely finished can be timely and risk quality problems. The best way to keep the process smooth and hassle-free are to work with a CNC machining company that has a wide range of capabilities. Being able to see the company’s capabilities beforehand is often a good sign. Here at PT Engineers, we proudly detail our facilities and capabilities on our website so you know exactly what we can do for you long before the process starts.

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