PT Engineers is a leading provider of CNC machining services in the West Midlands. With decades of experience under our belts, we are proud to offer CNC machining services to businesses all over the country and have a wealth of services to choose from. From vertical boring and milling through to wire erosion services, our capabilities are extensive with the machines we have. Our multi spindle automatic lathe machines are some of the most versatile machines we have. As such, we can help with a wide range of industrial applications.

With a fully equipped suite of precision machining equipment, we are able to offer some of the most advanced machining services to our clients.

What is a CNC Lathe Machine?

A CNC lathe machine is a machine that is used to remove excess metal from a workpiece in order to achieve a specific size and shape. They are commonly used for metalworking and metal spinning requirements. Automatic CNC lathe machines like the ones at PT Engineers are controlled by CNC (computer numerical control) software.

CNC Lathe Machine Parts

A basic CNC lathe will always consist of the following parts:

Main Spindle

The spindle is made up of the spindle assembly and the drive system. This includes some of the moving parts in the CNC lathe such as motors, gears, and the chuck. The C-axis drive is also included in this part and this helps to position the material ahead of machining.

Guide Way

This part of the CNC lathe machine enables the tool to be able to move vertically and horizontally in order to deliver a smooth cutting action.


The chuck is the name of the structure which holds the parts that are going to be machined. The chuck is attached to the main spindle which rotates both the workpiece and the chuck.


The headstock holds the main spindle which the chuck is mounted on.

Machine Controller

Arguably the most important component of the CNC lathe machine is the CNC machine controller. It uses its own software and instructions from the computer to activate the motors which operate the drive system.

Tail Stock

This is at the opposite end to the spindle with on-off clamps located firmly on the guild ways. In the centre of the Tailstock is a cone shaped item called the tail quill which holds the part dead centre. So, it ensures that the machined part is a uniform size where machined.

The tailstock can also be adapted to hold chucks and on long items central steadying rings. Therefore, keeping the weigh off the tail end are often used, these are known as a lathe steady rest.

Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe

At PT Engineers, as CNC machining manufacturers, we want to support large production requirements. With this in mind, we use multi spindle automatic lathe machines. Multi spindle lathes are usually the preferred choice of machine due to the fact that they have much higher production capabilities. In fact, their production rate can be up to six times higher than what a single spindle lathe machine can offer.

Fast and Accurate Production

Out lathes have the ability to provide a range of different machining operations such as:

  • Boring holes
  • Turning
  • Chamfering
  • Threading
  • Grooving
  • Drilling

With its multi spindles, the machine has a very fast cycle time and can produce a speed that is up to five times higher than what you would see from a single spindle lathe machine. The machines work by dividing the process out by the number of spindles in the machine. For example, if the machine has six spindles, the process will be divided into six processes, all of which will be carried out simultaneously. As a result, the process can be completed in a much faster and efficient manner.

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