Summary. For top-notch CNC precision turning services and reliable CNC turning centres, PT Engineers in the West Midlands has you covered. With expertise in CNC machining, we deliver accurate results for various industries.


If you are looking for CNC turning centres then look no further than PT Engineers. We are a leading precision engineering company based in the West Midlands. Moreover, CNC precision turning is just one of the many CNC services we offer here at PT Engineers.

CNC Turning at PT Engineers

Whether your needs are for a one-off project or multi- batch work, our CNC turning machines coupled with PTE’s experienced staff can talk through the project and deliver on-time every time. Our company possesses a comprehensive range of CNC machines and also has access to the facilities of our sister company. With this in mind, we have plenty of flexibility when it comes to taking on projects – small or large.

CNC: What does it mean?

CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. It is the digital data which the machine reads as a set of coordinates enabling the tool to remove the material to create the desired shape. (In some countries CNC is described as: Computerised Numerical Control.)

This “Tool Path” can be fed into the CNC Turning machine in a variety of ways, either as a single program, or drip fed. These programs can also be in several languages, known as Codes, of which G-Code is possibly the most used.

CNC Turning: What is it?

CNC precision turning (commonly known as CNC turning) is a type of CNC machining and a subtractive manufacturing process. Turning is often in use to create rounded, conical, and cylindrical components. CNC turning uses one of the oldest styles and forms of manufacturing. This is because the process shares similar principles with that of a lathe machine, a tool with a usage traced as far back as Ancient Egypt.

How Does CNC Turning Work?

CNC turning centres perform CNC precision turning. The process entails rapidly turning the securely held raw material using a lathe. The cutting tool itself does not move, it remains affixed to a turret which moves towards the rotating workpiece based on CNC instructions. As the cutting tool makes contact with the spinning workpiece, material is removed where necessary in order to form the desired shape. The exact measurements and instructions to create a part are entered into a machine through CAD software.

What CNC Turned Parts can be Made?

CNC turning machines can work on a wide variety of materials and at PT Engineers we have the expertise to be able to support even some of the most demanding of material characteristics. From stainless steel through to brass, we can work with a wealth of raw materials. The CNC turning process is a versatile manufacturing process. As a result, it is used by many different industries such as the automotive, aerospace and engineering sectors.

What Are The Benefits of a CNC Turning Machine?

CNC turning offers a range of benefits to businesses and manufacturers from increasing productivity through to guaranteeing quality and consistency.

Precision Machining

CNC turning centres offer an exceptionally high degree of accuracy for machining parts. Using CNC technology, the machines can work to very tight tolerances, something that is critical for many sections of industry.


The same cuts can be made over and over and achieve the same results with CNC turning. This is important for businesses that need to produce a high volume of parts made to a consistent quality.

Quick Results

For rapidly produced parts made to a high precision, CNC turning services could be the manufacturing process you need. Turning machines can handle larger jobs more efficiently saving you time and money in the long run.

CNC Turning West Midlands

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