When it comes to CNC engineering components, you can trust the team at PT Engineers to get the job done to time deadlines. We’re proud to be a leading precision engineering company working with a range of important industries. We support them with their day to day applications, manufacturing some of the most intricate components on the market. Moreover, at PT Engineers, we take pride in delivering the highest quality CNC components to businesses in the UK and across the world.

From the automotive sector through to the medical industry, our team produces parts for many different businesses and organisations. One sector we specialise in is the Steam and Gas industry. Our CNC expertise is regularly used to provide solutions for gas and steam turbine manufacturers, in particular for turbine fuel and actuator technology.

CNC Engineering Components For Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy processes are advancing rapidly year on year. These advancements take place as a result of continuous research and technology development . Methods behind power generation are becoming more established. Therefore, the requirement for bespoke parts and components to support technological advancements is greater than ever. These complex parts often need to be produced by a CNC precision engineering company. This is where we at PT Engineers come in.

The advanced machining required to produce components for the renewable energy sector covers many different aspects of precision engineering.

Some of the common types of CNC machining relied on includes:

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Five-axis Machining

Today, gas and steam turbine manufacturers are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance the performance of their solutions and gain a competitive advantage to other companies in the industry. We support many industry pain points, including when it comes to supply issues.

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Solving Supply Issues With Reverse Engineering

Manufacturers of gas turbine components, were able to prevent customer delays and unwarranted price increases by using reverse engineering. For example, a client of ours were informed by their American supplier that lead times and prices would increase for replacement components for a fuel control valve, (to encourage users to purchase the full control valve unit instead). Consequently, they felt they needed to find a solution fast to support its customers.

Equipped with a set of the components which they needed a new supplier to replace, PT Engineers were able to reverse engineer the components. After that we become their official new partner on this high-profile project.

Producing the drawings

These component features were measured and recorded in order for the drawings to be produced. Some of the features were so intricate that we had to outsource to a company specialising in CMM measurement. The team had to ensure tolerances on each of the features were taken into consideration. In addition, ensuring that materials and coatings were selected appropriately. We worked closely with the customer and partnered with a laboratory for specialist coatings. This was in order to ensure we were matching everything as closely as possible.

The process of reverse engineering is a complex one; accuracy is pivotal to ensure we replicate the part perfectly. By reverse engineering each of these components and then manufacturing a quantity of each item, our client was able to continue offering their clients stock with reasonable lead times and fair prices.

Birmingham Precision Engineering

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