Here at PTE we provide a large range of CNC machining services. We have built a great reputation for machining parts that are needed in the manufacture of steam, gas and compressor turbines. Our work with prime OEM’s in this business sector has led to us being the go-to company when work falls outside the normal scope of their workshop machining capabilities.

With a can-do attitude to the most complex work, be it in CAD, CAM or material selection, it has led to turbine machining being a large part of our business.


Why is CNC Machining so popular?

It’s safe to say that the demand for fabricated and machined parts is only growing across industries. OEMs and fabricators are looking for advanced manufacturing techniques. This is in order to stay ahead of the competition and ensure they are remaining as profitable as possible. Out of all of the metal fabrication techniques, CNC machining is undoubtedly one of the most popular. However, why is it being chosen over traditional machining?

Mass production

CNC machining is perfect for mass production. It offers the highest levels of repeatability, ensuring that the same level of consistency is achieved every time. Even when producing large batches of parts. Once the machine is programmed correctly, thousands of accurate parts can be produced. Traditional machining is not yet able to guarantee the same repeatable consistency to this standard. However, even with one-off parts CNC machining enables manufacturing to be carried out faster than manually operated machines in most cases. In addition, by following a programmed machining process inaccuracies are eliminated.

Fast turnaround times

CNC machines can be used 24/7 if needed which means that non-stop operation can be achieved. With the ability to offer such a high level of productivity, CNC machining services are perfect for manufacturers who have tight time schedules. Such as, if they are doing cookie cutting, mass production, work, or like PTE single complex machining jobs.

Advanced technology

The CAD technology used in CNC machining means that parts can be made that would be nearly impossible to produce with traditional machining techniques. The complex movements and tolerances surpass conventional machines by far. Therefore, CNC machining is highly desirable for manufacturing parts of intricate shapes and sizes.

Living in such a rapidly changing world of manufacturing, CNC machining enables designers to verify changes to design or new product development / prototype parts fast prior to full production.


Industrial Gas Turbine Manufacturing

As with all gas turbine manufacturing the need for accuracy and adhering to critical tolerance is a must. With GTS Ltd, who work within the renewable energy sector, these factors were a critical part in their selection of PTE for the work previously done. We utilise our expertise throughout the entire process from start to finish.


Technical and scientific uncertainties

As with many large capital equipment projects the need over time for replacement parts is built into the OPEX for the job. Sometimes we receive RFQ’s which require a duplicate part first manufactured several decades ago to be remade. With changes in material specs and even law, we may need to resolve issues. Such as materials no longer being available. That again is a plus point for working with PTE.  We have a great deal of experience and knowledge of alternative options saving time and cost.

Finding a new solution

Once we get approval to change material types or manufacturing methodology, we proceed with the manufacturing project. Ensuring the changes adhere to all client needs. In addition, providing a finished part which will give greater longevity within the harsh environment many of the finished products have to work within.


Experienced CNC & Manual machinists

PT Engineers will always go above and beyond to ensure we find the right solutions for your requirements. When it comes to your sector, we strive to be both reactive & proactive as we understand your needs, have almost certainly machined similar parts before, and have successfully overcome any hurdles before.

If you’d like to find out more about our large range of CNC machining services, head to our website or call 01788 543661 to speak to a member of our team.

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